No more cheat days

How many of you woke up this morning starting over? Did your Friday night cheat meal turn into a Saturday cheat day, which turned into a cheat weekend? And now it’s Monday morning and you are starting fresh…AGAIN.
You work hard all week, stay strict, count your macros, prep your food, only to fall off the proverbial wagon every.single.weekend. I got news for you, there is no wagon.

There are no BAD foods and there are no GOOD foods. There is just food. Some foods will help us towards ours goals, whether they are weight loss, performance, or just health, and other foods will not assist us with those goals. But maybe they taste damn good, feed the soul, or invoke a happy feeling or memory.
This is why I personally don’t believe in cheat meals. In my personal experience they are a slippery slope that lead to more “cheat foods.” Want the burger and fries? OK, plan for it. Craving a donut, log it and make it work around your day! Know that whatever your goals are foods like this aren’t going to get you there any faster but that they also should not be thought of as rewards for a week of compliance. Feed your cravings in a controlled and responsible way that does not set you back every single weekend.
These are not cheat foods, they are just food. The kind of food that shouldn’t make up the bulk of your diet, but also should not bring about feelings of guilt or lead to out of control weekend binges that have you starting over every Monday.