April 10k step Spring challenge

Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT! This is the energy we expend for everything we do that is not exercise activity. Depending on the individual NEAT can account for 10-50% of your daily energy balance. If you have fat loss goals, this is huge. Arguably those countless hours you spend outside the gym every day may just be more important than the one hour you do. More importantly, if you don’t workout at all right now walking is an incredible way to kick start your fitness and health goals.
Those stairs you took to work, walking the dog, grocery shopping, parking your car as far away as you can, these are all examples of NEAT. 
If you’re like me, chained to a computer for the better part of your day tracking your steps can be eye opening. With warmer weather and late sunsets finally creeping in, the time is right to improve your NEAT. Enter the 10k everyday spring challenge. The goal here is to hit 10k steps everyday in the month of April. 
To even the playing field, as those with active jobs will have no issue with this daily goal, there will be two categories. Total steps overall and anyone who hits 10k everyday in April. In the event more than one person hits all 30 days, total steps will tie break. In the event nobody hits 10k all 30 days the prize goes to most overall steps for the month. This is FREE and open to ANYONE, not just move the needle members. Sign up below and please feel free to share. 
You can track your steps with your wearable activity tracker (Garmin, Fitbit etc.) your iPhone health app has a step tracker, or an old fashioned pedometer.