Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise or nutrition routine. The information provided here and through your coach is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.


What will I need to successfully work this program?

You will need a digital kitchen scale to weigh your food. You will also need access to a scale to occasionally weigh yourself so we can keep track of your progress. The my fitness pal premium app is also required to accurately track your food. The most important thing you will need is the mental mindset to change. Being ready for a new lifestyle is the key to being successful. A journal is suggested but not essential.

Is this is diet?

No! the whole point of this program is to help you reach your goals in a flexible and sustainable way. The one on one coaching ensures this is tailored just for you and your goals. We don't all have the same goals, genetics, exercise routines, jobs, so why should we all be following the same "diet"