Rest day activities

Rest and recovery days!

Such a hot topic in the fitness space as the #nodaysoff mentality takes over.

I am not a fan of bashing your body 7 days a week, that will only create a space for less positive adaptation and put stress on your system.

I am however a fan of MOVING every day. Yes, every day.

Unless I am feeling under the weather I will rarely take a day to sit around doing nothing, kind of impossible with kids anyway.

I usually take 1-2 rest days depending on how I feel. But I do always try to move on those days. This can be as simple as walking or simply aiming for a minimum of 10k steps or more.

Whatever activity you chose you want to keep your heart rate pretty low, no higher than zone 2. The idea here is not to stress the system but encourage circulation and blood flow. This will help with your recovery.

Never underestimate the power of walking! I have nutrition clients who strictly walk as their workouts right now and see great results.

If I have the time I also love hiking, riding my bike, or yoga (not power/hot, remember you want to manage that heart rate and intensity.) I also really want to get better at swimming, which is another great rest day activity. 
A few examples of rest day activities: remember controlled heart rate and low intensity! 
Deep cleaning your house
Paddle boarding
Tai Chi
Very light resistance training
Core work

What is your favorite way to recover and stay active?