Stop starting over every Monday

The weekend warrior: hits their macros to perfection Monday through Friday afternoon before it all goes to hell. Then Monday comes and you begin the cycle all over again. This is so many people, for some reason we all feel like weekend calories don’t matter. I have been there, I lived that life for many years. I testify from experience when I say you CAN absolutely undo a week’s worth of hard work in one weekend. This is not a habit we can fix overnight but adding some structure and building the habits to correct this behavior can make all the difference.

The first and arguably most important habit to ditch is the “cheat meal.” All too often I see the cheat meal turn into a cheat Saturday or cheat weekend. I also dislike the term all together. If you are craving something less than ideal, have it. Make it work with the rest of your day. The idea here is to be flexible and never have to cheat again. Just the word cheat has a negative connotation, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a slice of pizza if you have been craving one. You track it, you enjoy it, you move on with the rest of your day. All too often I see the cheat meal spiral out of control, even if you can keep it to one meal that meal can top over 2,000 calories and ruin your calorie deficit for the week if you are trying to lose weight. Ditch the cheat and satisfy your cravings while still being in control and keeping the rest of your day on track. Similarly, if your weekend includes dinner plans this doesn’t mean you can’t make good choices at a restaurant! Ordering lean proteins, veggies, potatoes, is the easiest way to stay on track when you are out to dinner. Eating out doesn’t have to include the bread, the appetizers, and an indulgent meal. It is very easy to consume well over 2,500 calories this way. 

Plan and prep: Just as we do during the week we need to plan ahead. Adding in a quick meal prep on Thursday or Friday can help you make better decisions over the weekend. If your house is anything like mine, the fridge is damn near empty by Thursday. I will always try to prep at least 1 protein and make sure to refresh the veggie supply Thursday night. This doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or time consuming. You can opt for a sheet pan meal or throw some chicken thighs or breasts in the instant pot/slow cooker. You are less likely to make poor decisions when your fridge is stocked and there are healthy options at your fingertips. Planning as far ahead to even log some of those meals in the My fitness app takes it one step further.

Get your sweat on: Keeping some structure to your weekend could mean working out just as you do during the week. To me there is nothing better than a weekend workout. You have more time to get it done and don’t have to rush out of there to get back to work. Hitting the gym, or the outdoors, can add the structure to your day you may feel during the week. So many people also associate eating well with working out, as if they cannot do one without the other. If the gym doesn’t sound appealing on a beautiful day get outside. Take a hike or walk, just move your body!

Be accountable: Ultimately this is what it comes down to. If you have a goal you have set for yourself you have to put the effort in and try to do things differently. Working closely with your coach can help you recognize the triggers that may be making you feel out of control over the weekends, but it is important to recognize the behavior, own it, stop making excuses, and put the necessary habits into place to correct it. 

Let me know if you struggle over the weekends and share this with a friend who can relate!