Thankful for this body

It’s that time of year where we give thanks, how about we take a minute to give thanks for what our bodies can DO.

So much of what I do revolves around aesthetics and weight loss. To be clear there isn’t anything wrong with that. Yes I get the whole self love movement, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shift to healthier body fat levels and change your appearance.

But I do encourage all of my clients to also focus on what they can do. Not only in the gym, but also just in daily life.

Let’s not spend another minute hating or talking down to this body in it’s current state, give thanks.

I’m thankful for a body that birthed two healthy boys through difficult pregnancies.

For a body that squats, dead’s, and cleans more than it weighs.

For a body that teaches cycling multiple times a week.

I’m thankful for this body that moves pain free everyday. Because if you’ve ever been injured you’ll never take that for granted again.

So this week and always be thankful for what you’re body can do. Drop it in comments or post and tag me!

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