What I ate in a day

What I ate in a day, Monday.

Here is a solid example of what my days usually look like. This is just below maintence calories for me, for reference about 2200 calories.

I don’t try to eat a certain amount of veggies or fruit, I just like to make sure each meal has a serving of one or the other. You will notice most meals have ingredients that overlap. I hate wasting food and would rather buy minimal groceries and go to the store a few times a week.

There is no specific approach here, just trying to hit my goals and eat mostly whole food.

Keep it simple and you can’t fail.

Breakfast: Overnight oats: Oats, almond milk, chia seeds, pecans, and blueberries. Not pictured, Coffee with Collagen and @califiafarms mint coco creamer.

Post teaching: Starbucks venti cold brew with one pump of peppermint and a splash of almond milk, complete with Marshmallow dream bar. These are hard to fit in when my carbs aren’t high but they are and the post workout window is the ideal time for something like this.

2nd Breakfast: 2 eggs over butternut squash and one chicken apple sausage, little bit of goat cheese.

Lunch: Big ass salad with butternut squash, chicken thighs, goat cheese, and apples. The dressing is just EVOO, RWV, and Dijon.

Dinner: Taco bowl, lean ground beef over basmati rice, shredded romaine, and red peppers.

Dessert is an apple with almond butter and peppermint tea, because I tragically have no yasso bars.

Typically, I eat in a 7am-7pm window because I like how I feel on a 12 hour fast, there is zero added benefits for fat loss. I like the break for my digestion and sleep better eating in this window. Something to consider if your sleep is disrupted.

Hopefully this helps with ideas and shows you that nutrition can be VERY simple.

Let me know what questions you have! Peep the deets in MFP.

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