Why do you need a nutrition coach?

Have you tried several fad diets with little success? Have you lost and gained the same ten pounds time and time again? Have you ever started a new program with some success, only to fall off a few weeks later? Are you happy with your weight, but have plateaued in the gym? Are you the same person asking why would I need a nutrition coach?!


Accountability and guidance

One word, accountability. Don’t underestimate the power of having someone there to keep you accountable day to day. How many times have you started “day 1” on a Monday only to lose motivation and give up after a few weeks, or even days! When you hire a nutrition coach there is someone on your side keeping you motivated and holding your hand along the way. You wouldn’t show up to class without your assignment the day it’s due, alright maybe you would but we’ll get to that.  With a nutrition coach you’ve got someone to keep you on track and more importantly make sure you’re being consistent. In the long game, consistency is everything. Stay consistent and results will come, more importantly, results will stay.

When you know someone is going to be checking in on your diary and expects you to be compliant with your tracking or eating you are more likely to stay compliant. And when you’re not compliant, told you I would get there, your coach is there to encourage you to get back on track. Your coach is there to help you find out why you may have fallen off track in the first place, and your coach is there to give you tips to stay the course. Continuous guidance and accountability are ultimately the key to long term success.


Investment in you

You’ve made the investment and now you have to follow through to get the most out of your investment. As someone who has worked with a nutrition coach for a long period of time I understand the cost can be out of reach for some. It comes back to priorities, if you prioritize your health you can find a way. Add up that Starbucks habit for the month, more then $100?? Then you can afford a nutrition coach. Now that you’ve made the investment in your long term health you are even more likely to stay on track. Spending your hard earned money means you have something to lose, you have skin in the game and you’re going to get the most out of your investment.


Remove the guesswork

So many fad diets so little time. Listen I have tried them all. A few of them with very short term success. Lose 10 pounds gain 13 back, sound familiar? I never knew what would work for me and I kept searching for the “right” diet. When ultimately there is no one fits all “best diet.” More on that next. The key to long term success and health is eating real food 80 percent of the time and meeting your cravings 20 percent of the time, consistently. The only way to know if you’re meeting these percentages, at least at first, is to track your food. Because we manage what we measure! Remove the guesswork and let your coach tell you how much you should be eating to meet your needs, a coach who has studied it and lived through it!


Individualized programming

A nutrition coach will write a program for you after getting to know you. Let’s say you’re a nurse working three 12 hour shifts on your feet, running 30 miles a week, strength training twice a week, and you are looking to gain lean muscle. Or maybe you’re a human resources director sitting 30 hours a week, doing crossfit 3 times a week, and you’re looking to lose body fat. You could be a carpenter working 60 hours week with no time to exercise looking to also lose body fat. Do you think these people will have long term success on the same plan? Absolutely not. When you hire a nutrition coach you won’t be getting a generic, over priced, one size fits all template to follow. Your coach will evaluate and create a plan just for you, and no two plans are alike. We are all different sizes, with different goals, body types, jobs, hobbies, and non negotiables. Your plan will reflect you and your goals and will keep you on track for long term sustainable success. So what are you waiting for?