Why should I hire you as a coach?

Why should I work with you over any other coach?

2019 was the year everyone on the internet became a coach, and that trend will continue into 2020 with every program now offering their own certification. It’s good and bad I guess. Maybe it’s the beginning of the end for all the fad diets out there but also like anything there will be good coaches and bad. I believe whole heartedly in coaching, and even have one of my own through most of the year, but it is important to do your due diligence before choosing a coach.

I was asked this question above by a leader in the industry, someone I have learned a lot from and continue to even today. I realized I couldn’t even answer the question off of the top of my head, but also realized it’s a damn good question considering the market is becoming saturated.

I sat down to think about it.

Trust: Easily the number one reason, you can trust me to have your best interest at heart. Yes, results are important, and giving you results is my ultimate goal. This leads to word of mouth referrals and more business for me. I always want to give you results, but you can trust that I will always do it the right way. I won’t sacrifice your long-term results/health for a quick fix. Any “coach” can create a calorie deficit and in turn you’ll lose weight. With me trust that I will get you there the right way, and make sure it’s done so that you’re set up to keep the weight off for good.

Education: This is the base of my program; my goal is to educate you so that one day you don’t need me or any other BS fad diet out there. When you truly learn how simple this all can be, it’s liberating. I’m not hear to withhold my “secrets” so you can never do this alone. I want you to learn the process and know what is in your food, and understand how it works for you and not against you. Education leads to compliance which equals long term results. Even if it’s bad for my business, I will always try to make sure you understand the process from start to finish.

Experience/results: I have worked with over 150 clients at this point on nutrition alone, and I can tell you that anecdotal experience is more valuable than any certification. Seeing the results after you apply what you know about science teaches you more than any book can. Any good coach will admit their recommendations are as much from anecdotal experience as they are science based. I have proven results over the last two plus years.

Continuing education: I am always learning, every year I take another main cert, this year it’s my L2 with NCI. On top of that I am investing in master classes, research groups, and education from other coaches. I am committed to never stop learning so I can apply the best strategies with my clients.

No judgement: I promise to never judge you, odds are I have been there. I didn’t always have such a strong relationship with food and I am not here to look down on you. That is like making fun of someone their first time at the gym. If you come to me whole heartedly ready to learn and change I will never judge you or your past decisions.

Tough but kind: I will give you tough love when you need it, this is my job. Being accountable to someone means hearing them through even when you don’t want to, even when what they’re saying isn’t pleasant. I will also be kind and understanding, the art of coaching and giving a shit about your clients is what makes a coach, not a few letters after your name.

Lastly, I practice what I preach, and this is a big one. I live the lifestyle through and through. I am always practicing balance in my food choices, tracking macros when I am working on a specific goal, consistently hitting my training, and constantly trying to make better choices in social situations. You can trust I am not out eating junk most of the week while I tell you to get 4-5 servings of veggies every day. I am always trying to be better and do better.

I think humans need accountability, this is why I believe in coaching for any aspect of life. It’s easy to make excuses for yourself in any scenario and having someone to keep you accountable is key. Find a coach you can trust, who won’t judge you, is committed to educating you, and will call you out if needed!

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