Yes, weekend calories count

Dear weekend warriors, as the holiday weekend approaches, a friendly reminder that you are an adult and you are in control of what you eat and drink the next three days.

Nobody expects perfection, just an effort to make good or different choices than you may have in the past.

Want to enjoy a cocktail? Cool let’s do it. Try to follow every drink with a water and track it if your goals allow. I don’t like people starving themselves to leave room for drinks. Your body needs food.

Like anything moderation is key, if you feel the need to go overboard heading into the 4-5+ drink range well then you just may be harming your goals. I have a blog on alcohol you may find helpful. Link in bio.

Want to eat out? Keep it simple. Steak tips, turkey tips, grilled chicken, veggies, potatoes, and rice are all easy to log and help you hit your goals. What do you know I also have a blog on eating out! Check it out.

Track all day and front load the fiber, protein, and veggies. Even if you’re planning an untracked meal, which is FINE, you should track all day so it doesn’t turn into a cheat day or cheat weekend.

Start your day with a solid well rounded meal. Set the tone and don’t let the whole weekend be a wash. Just remember consistency, not perfection.

Stay active, get a great workout or at the very least some movement in!

Make choices that align with your goals, one day a little off your goals won’t change anything, three days out of control absolutely will. Stop undoing all the hard work you’re putting in during the week.

Ultimately you’re the one in control and you decide whether or not the weekend harms your progress.

Anyone have fun plans this weekend?! I’m SO excited for Zac Brown band on Saturday at Fenway Park!

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