You are moving less

You are moving less and you don’t even know it.

I don’t know where you are but in New England winter came early!

It’s colder and the sun goes down at like 2pm. Well 4:30PM but that’s how it feels some days.

With shorter and colder days your movement is down, whether you are aware of it or not. You are inside more and possibly eating more also.

You can see how this would pose a problem. You could end up in a calorie surplus without even trying, which equals unwanted fat gain.

Best way to combat the winter couch syndrome is to watch that NEAT. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is any movement you make through the day that is not intentional EA or exercise activity.

NEAT is often ignored and under estimated but I have had clients focus solely on their nutrition and NEAT/steps only with great success.

The hour you spend in the gym is a very small percentage of your day. If you go directly from the gym to a chair you are for sure at a disadvantage. Being aware of it is half the battle, the other half is correcting it. As mentioned above this time of year it is worse than ever!

Too cold for a long walk? Take three 10 minute walks a day, one after each meal. Serious bonus this also helps with digestion.

Utilize walks or jogging for your warm up and cool down at the gym or walk around during your rest periods if lifting.

Take the stairs, clean your house, park far away, or set an alarm on your phone to stand and take a lap every hour. You get the idea, just be aware and make an effort to MOVE.

This is especially important if you are in a fat loss phase because your body is already adapting and starting to move less, again without you even realizing.

When you eat in a calorie deficit your body does everything it can do to conserve energy. This includes moving less. Less toe tapping, pen flicking, hand motions, and yes steps.

This is the perfect time for a little step challenge. Get your fav activity tracker and join me to keep moving this winter! Open to anyone, a little swag for one winner with the most total steps in January. Stay tuned for sign ups.

Photobomb by Pippa 🐶