Do you need to pull back on intensity in your workouts?

That moment you realize you don’t have to crush your soul every time you workout in order for it to be effective.

Hear me out, intensity has it’s place but that place is not pushing it 4-6 times a week.

As a former metcon/HIIT junkie I can testify that my body changed dramatically for the better the second I pulled back the intensity.

What I do now:
Move with purpose and tempo.
Put form over weights and speed.
Stopped looking at a clock during my workouts.
Focus on mind muscle connection while lifting.
Follow a well thought out program individualized for ME.
Progressively overload said program week to week.

What I don’t do:
Judge the success of my workouts by soreness the next day.
Finish each workout feeling dead.
Try various workouts found on the internet.
Any movements that don’t feel right for my body.
Rush movements to be done faster.
Add more weights before I’m ready sacrificing form.
Compare my progress to anyone else’s.

If your are crushing yourself daily in pursuit of fitness and your best body but you are yet to achieve either, consider this.
The markers of a solid well thought out program are not defined by muscle soreness, heavy breathing, or ending up on the ground by the end of your workout.

Looking for a more individualized program and real results? Reach out!